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Month: February, 2013

Nylon boy Gabrielle, shows love to a large black vibrator

You have probably seen Gabrielle’s pic set plus the plastic dong, but this time for everyone’s happiness, we have the high definition video, where she plays in addition to this big black toy. In this video update, you look at Gabrielle Gucci, as she is teasing a black plastic cock in her nylon dress. Brown nylons, plus red fishnet stockings, and a seductive sky-high heels. That awesome body of hers just wants that prick so badly. She is licking and kissing it, teases her body with that black toy… For us pantyhose girlfriends, things can’t get any better.
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Stunning Abigail does hardcore in stockings

In this photo update we introduce Abigail, a cuddly young blondie girl. We can’t even start to describe how gorgeous and foxy female is, while she is wearing nylon hose on her body. As they say, the photos speak a thousand words, so you should definitely check them out. In the mean time you should know that she is having hardcore shag with a stud, who is also wearing tights, and looks like an athlete. The color of their hose “dress” is bright brown, which is see through, so you can enjoy the sight of Abigail’s perfect body. Those who are into pantyhoes fetish, and love fucking-hot young girls will definitely be aroused with what they see.
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Gabrielle plays plus a black fake hammer in nylon

The pix show wherewith this short haired bunny teases a large black rubber cock, while her body is fully covered in tights. From head to toe, she has brown pantyhose on her body. Even her sweet face and her head are covered plus pantyhose. Female has her black glasses on as usual, and that bizarre look of hers makes the picture perfect. That red fishnet on top of the stockings on her leg is just the icing on the cake, not to mention those sky-high heels. The shaved cunny and the round tits are visible through the nylon “dress”, so nothing is covered, from our eyes. That plastic cock tease just takes these pics to another level, which you have to see.
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The black woolly little Italian devil does hardcore in her nylons

The black fluffy little Italian devil does hardcore in her pantyhose
What a flick! This girl is unbelievable, when it comes to sex relation. Gabrielle Gucci does an amazing hardcore scene in this high definition video. For her, nothing is taboo when it comes to nylons, and hardcore sex. She combines it and gives us a video that is not an everyday experience. While wearing nothing else, than a nylon tights, and gorgeous high heels, she has the time of her life. The nylon is see-through, so we can be amazed by her perfect body, the round tits, and that horny skimp puss, which takes in that stiff prick, like it’s nothing. The piercing is just an extra for those who love it.
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Plastic prick fun while wearing charming tights

Nikki’s new movie update has everything a nylon fetish bloke would want to see in a movie. A pretty sweet black hirsute girl who is covered in nylon from head to toe, a large sex act toy, and an amazing solo meeting. She is wearing purple panty-hose as well as fishnet hosiery, a pink transparent nylon top, and pink tights on her head. For some it may be weird, but not for Nikki, this is what makes her piss hole sweet. Words can’t describe how eager she is. That huge black sex relation toy is stretching her little vag as she is lying on her back and rides the plastic dong. If you want to see something really charming and thrilling, go to and see the whole video in addition to Nikki.

Gabrielle tests the wonders of tights fuck

The pics bring you Gabrielle Gucci, an Italian little devil, who is not afraid to try out new things. That is why she is starring in this stockings photograph set. This short haired sex machine, is always looking for new adventures, so this time she is trying out panty-hose bang for our great pleasure. Gabrielle, the tattooed bitch takes in that huge stiff cock, while the bro is wearing dark brown tights. Female gets so excited by the dick in her mouth, that she wastes no time undressing, and orders the fellow to put it in, while the stockings is still on him. If this is not a monster sex drive, than nothing is…
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Nikki masturbates in nylon

We have a charming eighteen, nylon and a sex toy. This photograph set is giving you everything a nylon fetish lad can ask for. We have Nikki, who is wearing blooming nylon panty-hose inclusive of a hole at her vag. For a top, she is wearing a pink nylon clothes, which is fully transparent, so nothing is covering her boobs. To complete the photograph, she has pink tights on her head, which female likes to lick plus her pierced tongue. A red high heel is just something that will blow your mind, not to mention the chalky fishnet stocking. This alone should be enough to get your attention, but there is more. Female is masturbating plus a black vibrator in pix. Nylon lesbo, go to, and watch the rest of the pix, which will rock your world. Don’t believe it? Well go and look at for yourself.